På AB | pm3 in the public sector

Create the right conditions for efficient and modern governance in public organisations

New possibilites, new demands

All organisations and processes of today are affected by IT in numerous ways. Applications and databases are integrated cross-functional in multiple layers – internally as well as with external parties and suppliers. This has created a new horizon of possibilites, but also potential threats which adds challenges for both organisations and individuals.

Public organisations are currently heavily pressured by expected improvements on less funding at the same time as compliance demands increases. Is it even possible? We know it is. The last 20 years we have assisted public organisations achieving more with less by establishing a business oriented governance and collaboration based on pm3.

”pm3 has been a crucial success factor in our strive towards digitalization”

Åsa Sandin,
responsible for establishing pm3 in the municipality of Örebro

”Hundreds of software maintenance plans was compiled into seventeen thanks to pm3”

Ingrid Hallander,
Unit manager & responsible of pm3 governance in the Region of Östergötland

Your challenges, our daily work

The public sector is constantly pressured. We know how complex the challenges might seem, but with our experience, we have the skillset to support your success.

Based on our experience from the public sector, we know that a few fundamental questions frames the entire governance,structure such as:

  • How can we provide maximum output from our public funding, short and long term?
  • How can we meet the increased demands of personal and accessible public services from our citizens?
  • How can we benefit the most from the new opportunities arising with digitalization?
  • How can we efficiently execute on political decisions?

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