pm³ history

The first release of pm3 was in 2006, but a lot of work had been done before then. During the 90s, the interest for maintenance management increased, and the discussions about how the issues should be handled were many. Maintenance management was what you would call a “mean problem”, a problem that didn’t have a good solution, and it was also expensive. After studying maintenance operations and helping companies with their maintenance management, Malin Nordström and Tommy Welander came to a conclusion: What was missing was that you couldn’t manage the maintenance. With Malin’s research and På’s practical experience, we could combine maintenance management with a business-like behaviour and attitude, and in doing sowe created something new on the market. pm3 is a development from the concept of business-like maintenance management, and the first version of pm3 was based on Malin Nordström’s PhD thesis. Today pm3 provides governance mechanisms for the entire assignment portfolio, while providing direct support for governance of maintenance activities, and also describing the relationship between maintenance activities and development activities.

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