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Digitalized business environment demands new governance

The digital era puts high pressure on your it-governance. New channels and ways to create business, as well as decrease costs constantly arises. Are you equipped to meet the new opportunities following the broad integration of IT into all parts of the business cycle?

Many organisations today lack efficient governance to identify, prioritize and benefit from the opportunities following digitalization. With our experienced consultants you get the support needed to tailor and implement cross-functional business oriented it-governance fit for the future of your company.

Today, all IT has a clear business impact, and our focus for governance is directed towards supporting way of work rather than individual IT-applications.

Katarina Rosenqvist
Portföljschef, Skanska Sverige IT

We have adopted the strenghts from both pm3 and the Scrum methodologies. Scrum to support an agile mindset in our new development and pm3 for the stability and overall perspective on how IT impacts our business.

Lars Rikerth
Digital Channel Strategist, Folksam

Business oriented governance based on collaboration

The purpose of IT should always be rooted in business impact – all the way to real customer value. How do you assure that IT investments properly adds business value?

With pm3 we will assist you in tailoring and adopting a new form for it-governance enabling:

  • Properly prioritizing investments based on customer impact, rather than IT
  • Plan and execute objectives with less resources, enabling digitalization
  • Simpify compliance work, for instance with GDPR or the NIS directive
  • Reduced shadow IT and improved cost control of your business support

All organizations have their unique challenges but based on our broad experience and know-how in this work field, we are well equipped to identify and support your needed transition. For more information of our work, please read our case studies (currently only available in Swedish), or contact us today.

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