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Intuitive digital platform to simplify your pm3 governance   

Bring your maintenance plans to life 

Are you struggling with utilising your maintenance plans? Uniforming your work processes and routines hroughout the maintenance organisation? Continuously monitoring performance, budget allocation and compling reports?  

pm3 online helps your unifying the portfolio with smart features for creating standardized terminology, objectives, definitions, reports and maintenance plans. Learn more below, or fill out the form to book a demo with us!  

Features in pm3 online 

Pm3 online is built to assist you working with pm3 governance in practice. Here’s a few examples of how: 

Assists with planning and budgeting

Fast and simple interface to create your maintenance plans and budget. Unifies your portfolio 

Assists your tasks management and execution

Create and share tasks with your team. Connect tasks to objectives for performance monitoring and prioritising

Assists your status monitoring and reporting

Get real-time insight of the status of your objects and portfolio through customised dashboards and reports  

pm3 online

About pm3 online

Pm3 online is developed by PÅ AB in close collaboration with our customers. The platform is available as a SAAS or as on premise, available with variations of support to fit your needs.  
Your data security is a great priority to us. That’s why we continuously work with auditing, improvements and select proven methodologies, solutions and suppliers to certify a high standard for protecting your information.  
Would you like to learn more about pm3 online? Reach out to us with any questions or inquiries or schedule a demo to view pm3 online now!

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