pm3 License

20 years of experience in governance and collaboration – packaged and served!

What is pm3 License?

In short, pm3 is about making governance and prioritization of your assignment portfolio work, today and tomorrow. pm3 License is a comprehensive but easily accessible support for you who work with, or are considering establishing, governance in accordance with pm3.

In the license we have packaged 20 years of experience in hundreds of assignments in portfolio management and maintenance management. Do not invent the wheel all over again – acquire the pm3 license/pm3 License today and get the best basis for effective governance.

Complete user support

Ensure uniform ways of working and provide your employees with palpable tools for everyday use.

Knowledgde & support

An extensive knowledge bank consisting of a description of the pm3 model, the book pm3 basics, communication material and our support function - provides you with what you need to understand the pm3 model.

Support for establishment and application

Guides containing knowledge based on experience and a library with templates provides you with direct guidance for many specific situations and constitutes an unsurpassable support when establishing and practicing pm3.

User network

The pm3 user network is a unique forum where you raise your organizational challenges and learn from the collected experiences of others. Gives you the support you need to move on in the right direction!

Why pm3 License?

Make sure you get the effects you want when putting time and effort into maintenance management and portfolio management.

We want our customers to be able to focus on their core business and ease any potential issues related to governance. That’s why we developed pm3 License. When using the best practice for maintenance management there is no need to reinvent the wheel and as a result you will find the best pm3 practice for you. When all involved strive in the same direction pm3 will give you the results you seek. The license contributes to a uniform way of working and provides you with a palpable daily support. Do you face challanges? So do we all from time to time. These are great topic to discuss in the user network where you access the collected experience of different solutions.

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