The pm3 model

Balance stability and change. Optimize your business operations. 

Short about pm3

pm3 is a governance model originating from application management. Over time it has evolved into a framework for efficient governance of the intersection between IT and business operations.

pm3 simplifies compliance, reduces costs and provides a framework for making better business priorities. To many, pm3 is a key driver of the digital transformation, empowering cross-functional collaboration.

The key benefits of pm3

Supports the digitalization of your business operations

Rather than focusing on application management and IT, pm3 enables an efficient cross-functional governance structure, supporting your digital transition. 

Strenghtens the bonds between business and IT

Pm3 provides a solid structure for nourishing the cooperation between your business operations and IT. Secure the needs of your key stakeholders through long-lasting collaboration. 

Drives decisive execution of your strategies

With pm3 adding clarity, transparency and arenas for strong collaboration, your ability to achieve strategic objectives is supercharged. 

The evolution of pm3

styrbar systemförvaltning pm3


Application management

The issues of IT Governance becomes more evident as the number of applications grows exponentially during the 90s. An early embryo of pm3 sees light - initially focusing on clustering applications to simplify governance. 


Maintenance management

The pm3 model is formally launched in 2006, in the shape of a licensed product containing guides and templates, as well as the book "Business-oriented Maintenance Management".

Now the focus had evolved into the governance of continous support to specific business operations and capabilities, so called Objects

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Portfolio- and Object governance

By 2015, pm3 had become the standard within serveral industries as well as the public sector in Sweden on how to govern IT- and business support operations. Following close collaboration with our customers, the model was now further developed into a structure for governing an entire portfolio of cross-functional assignments and activities, including for instance project management and R&D. 


The governance of tomorrow

Proud of our DNA and with a close eye on trends, new best practices and in close collaboration with our customers, we constantly challenge ourselves to secure the relevance and benefits of using pm3.

The pm3 licence

Get access to 20 years of experience and know-how in governance. The pm3 license product contains guidebooks, templates access to networks and much more providing your best conditions for succeeding with pm3.

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pm3 online

Digitilize your governance - with pm3 online you simplify the work of planning, executing and reporting, all provided through one digital interface for maximum efficiency and minimal administration. 

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Let our certified pm3 trainers strengthen your knowledge and skills through courses provided either by us or accredited partners. With an average score of +4.5 out of 5, you are sure to get leverage on any of our courses.  

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