pm3 partner

The pm3 model is owned by the company På AB. Are you interested in becoming our partner? Please contact us to discuss the program “pm3 partner”. There are two areas within our partner program:

  • pm3 education
  • pm3 online

pm³ education

To ensure the quality of pm3 and its application, only accredited partners have the right to use the pm3 trademark in their education and training. This serves to guarantee that participants in an education from an accredited educational partner are always taught accurate and updated information about pm3. There are currently two accredited training partners in Sweden:


pm³ online

pm3 online is a modular support tool for an organisation’s maintenance management. With pm3 online as a base, maintenance management will be more efficient, while effects and the achievement of goals will be in focus.

pm3 online is a cloud service that is offered directly from På AB as well as through selected partners. Please contact us if your company is interested in including pm3 online in your offer.

To become a partner
Do you want to become a pm3 partner? Please contact us to discuss the partnership.

pm3 is a trademarked product, in order to ensure that pm3’s end users should always be able to aquire the latest version and thus have those effects that the model and its application stipulates.

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