Portfolio management

Increased ability to coordinate assignments and projects throughout your entire organization.

Increased need of coordinated decisions

Large enterprises with multiple business areas are in increasing need of well coordinated decisions – both due to compliance demands, as well as for being cost efficient. At the same time, minimized bureacracy is crucial to avoid lead times and simplify decision power.

We have experience from establishing portfolio management for a wide range of organizations, either for maintenance, projects or both assignment types combined. Learn more on the benefits achieved by a well-coordinated portfolio.

”Our biggest benefit is that we now have a proper structure for facilitating efficient decisions – prioritizing and planning assignments with our entire business needs in mind – but still are agile and adaptable to changing conditions.”

Large Governmental Organization

Maximized decision power. Minimized bureacracy.

With proper portfolio management you enable well-coordinated, decentralized decision making

From time-to-time, organizations choose to decentralize their decision power in order to minimize lead time and decrease bureaucracy. But with the benefits comes some disadvantages – parallell governance structures, lack of cost control and duplicated efforts – is a few examples, which often causes the pendulum to turn back. A solution to this is Portfolio Management, which properly implemented enables:

  • Strengthened ability to coordinate decisions throughout your entire organization
  • Simplified decision process with fewer parallell governance structures
  • Ability to respond and re-prioritize due to changing conditions
  • The ability to maintain cost-control and overview, despite decentralization

Every day we assist organizations in establishing and refine functions for portfolio management. Through our experience and thought-through methodology we have the ability to fine tune portfolio management for any type of customer needs. Use our assistance for need analysis, change management, training or coaching whenever you want to maximize your decision power with minimized bureaucracy.

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