Unify your governance. Clarify the accountability

New challenges calls for new forms of governance

To handle new challenges, the demand for new forms of governance is constantly on the rise. Quality assurance, Security, GDPR, Digitalization just to mention a few areas. However, having parallell forms of governance often causes contradictions 

regarding accountability. The key to staying agile is to unify your governance forms – enabling consistent and transparent leadership and accountability, no matter the issues or dependencies. How do you do it? Learn more below!

Now everyone understands our processes and gets the big picture!

State-owned Company

The collaboration between our departments has improved significantly.

Large-sized swedish governmental organization

Unified governance

The successful organizations of the future needs to be both efficient and flexible. Stable and agile. But accomplishing this demands well-tuned, unified governance – which lasts even through organizational changes.

In several assignments, we have witnessed customers struggling with parallell governance forms. This often causes overlapping leadership roles and uncertainty of responsibilites, which results in sub-optimizing, dissatisfied employees.

In our experience, trust and collaboration only exists where the governance is clear, unified and supports the overall vision and strategy. Thats why, in all our projects we strive to merge objectives for:

  • The strategic dimension – what is the organizations overall vision, purpose and long term objectives
  • The structural dimension – which forms of governance, processes and roles is needed to support the strategic dimension optimally
  • The human dimension – Which values, norms and behaviours is needed to support the structural dimension

Based on these perspectives, we typically run a hypothesis-driven change program, which enables a swift process with high-involvment of staff, increasing commitment and buy-in towards the new way-of-work.

Sucessfully implementing a wide change of your governance structure, demands both relevant experience and thorough methodology. Would you like to know more on how we can support your transformation? Fill out the form below and lets start a discussion about your opportunities.   

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