Object governance

Are you struggling with coordinating and delivering business impact from your projects? Govern your projects together with your maintenance assignments!

Ensure the realization through better governance

Many organizations struggle with prioritizing resources between maintenance and new development projects. Additionally, it's often hardship getting an overview of when, where and how to ship projects in order to deliver expected business impact.

We have supported several organizations setting up coordinated governance of their maintenance and development assignments. We call it object governance. Learn more about the benefits of object governance below.

”Since our project management was integrated into our objects, the transition between projects and maintenance runs smoother than ever.”

Katarina Rosenqvist,
Portfolio Manager at Skanska Sverige, IT department

Agile, yet stable

Take advantage of a consistent governance structure – use pm3 to combine your governance of maintenance and development assignments, and become more stable, yet more agile than ever.

Studies indicate that over 50 % of all projects fail to deliver their expected business output, and only one out of three finishes in time. The obstacles of great project managment are many – but crucial to success is proper governance and resource allocation. How do you secure needed resources and priorities between other projects and tasks?

By combining the governance of your maintenance and development assignments, several benefits are obtained, such as:

  • Great overview over all potential initiatives to improve specific business operations
  • The ability to easier prioritize between initiatives based on business impact
  • Better insight of ongoing development and coming transitions into maintenance

Whether you are new to pm3 or already maintenance objects in place – implementing object governance is a challenge. We have unique experience and expertise in the are, and are ready to assist you throughout the entire process from need analysis and change management to, coaching, training and staffing of interim roles.

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