More governance

Achieve objectives and long-lasting impact by identifying the missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle.

See to business needs and make your IT solutions fit for purpose

Organizational change and improvements always call for some extent of governance. We are experienced in various models for governance and for carrying change through and we understand the importance of co-managing these models. In our many and lengthy customer relations it has become a fact that we provide efficient assistance in the wide context of governance.

Ensuring the whole picture with true governance that makes a difference/impact. A wish for a better entirety is sometimes the starting point for our clients. Regardless of what you wish for or where you start from, we will help you govern for impacts.

IT services should be clear and fit for business purposes so that the business can rely on the IT services at hand. If you have the capacity in-house, why seek help externally?

Krister Högne,
CIO at Örebro municipality

More governance/management

Nowadays, our clients are more often in need of making governance work in the wide context. As part of making this happen, we also assist in:

  • Change management, large and small, from establishment of governance model to implementing new IT systems or just in general. We have come to the conclusion that good change management is a key factor when it comes to realizing project objectives/carrying successful projects through. That is why all of our consultants are certified change managers.
  • Management of services, where we help you define the most useful interface between different forms for governance and models such as pm3, ITIL and TBM (Technology Business Management). If you want the business to put reasonable expectations on IT solutions, they need a service catalogue that clearly describes the capacity of IT deliveries. This clarity is also essential when it comes to achieving business growth and development as well as digitalization.
  • Supply management/Supplier management based on partnership and united action contributes to improved results and cut costs, and provides a good basis for growing the business. We assist you when reviewing existing business relations so that consensus on, and fulfilment of, service agreements will be assured. When you start to maintain and continually follow up on your supplier relations uncertainties will be sorted out and new possibilities will shine through.
  • Project management, where achieving project objectives is a part of a wider context. Our experienced project managers realize the essence of keeping an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and to change direction when necessary. They prepare for a conscious and gradual hand-over from project to maintenance and plan for the best possible business results.
  • Personal data management We are your reliable partner when moving towards GDPR compliance. Want to turn corporate management to ambassadors for great governance of personal data? Feel the need to get those tactical policies and guidelines suitable for your business in place? Are you puzzled about how to motivate all coworkers to commitment? Let us build the steady and long lasting foundation for personal data management together – and let us do it with starting point in your current circumstances.

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