Management by objectives

An opportunity for greatly improving performance and dedication with your co-workers

Increased decisiveness. Happier workplace.

Employees with a strong awareness of business priorities – and the ability to align their daily activities, are more productive and satisfied with their work, according to several studies. But successfully implementing MBO is a complex matter.

We have extensive experience of implementing structures and processes for MBO in various organizations and offer expertise within the entire range from strategy development to operational execution. Learn more about our experiences below.

With assistance from På, we managed to rephrase old ”inherited” objectives in a way that greatly increased our commitment and performance. Now work is inspiring, and mainly, its OUR objectives.

Public authority

With assistance from På we have implemented both structures and way-of-work with MBO. Now our work alignment has improved drastically, and everyone is committed to contribute.

Trade organization

Overcome your obstacles. Achieve your objectives.

Successfully executed MBO unites your employees, driving higher commitment and output towards your organization’s most important priorities. What requirements does successful MBO impose on your organisation?   

Implementing MBO usually requires change in several aspects. Well functioning MBO typically requires:

  • A widespread skillset of creating clear, measurable and engaging objectives
  • A governance structure which clarifies priorities and their impact on overall objectives
  • The behaviour of transforming objectives inte actions and everyday work
  • A culture where your employees thrive and are rewarded by achievements

Establishing MBO can be frustrating, time-demanding and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

På has extensive experience in supporting organizational change and are well accustomed to relevant frameworks and methods; such as SMART objectives, Balanced Scorecards, Objectives & Key Results (OKR). We are also used to lead and support operational work within reporting, performance reviews and coaching.

Let us assist your success with MBO – all the way from need analysis to continous improvements. Fill out your contact details below and begin your journey towards a high-performing, committed workplace today.      

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