Maintenance management

Build better support for your business

IT Governance based on business needs

Merging governance of IT with business support is a strategically important matter to the organizations of tomorrow. How do you optimize your potential output from digitalization? How do you properly balance stability with agility? How do you calculate costs and allocate resources to maximize efficiency?

Regardless of your challenges and needs, we are there to assist you. With experience from hundreds of projects and as owners of the pm3 model – the standard for IT-governance in Sweden – we dare to say your will get the best possible support with our consultants.

“Our investment in digitalization calls for well-functioning maintenance management”.

Åsa Sandin,
responsible for the establishment of pm3 in Örebro municipality

”With pm3, hundreds of system plans became 17”

Ingrid Hallander,
section manager & responsible for pm3 at Region Östergötland

Proper support to fit your business needs

Traditional IT-governance typically centers around application management and its impact on business. What happens if you turn the tables – organizing IT and support around your business architecture?

The future of IT-governance is rooted in your various properly supporting your business operation. By forming your IT-governance cross-functional, based on your business architecture – several benefits arise:

  • Fragmented application maintenance plans are replaced by plans supporting your business objectives
  • Efficient collaboration – transparency and business alignment simplifies your communication and priorities
  • Synergies of IT investments – decreased shadow IT and simplified processes
  • Improved operational output – achieve more with proper business support

However – successful transition from application management and to governance based on your business architecture poses a real challenge. We provide expertise and support throughout the entire process – from need analysis, change management and establishing new governance structures as well as staffing interim roles, and provide coaching or training your employees.

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