The pm³ model

Why pm³ is needed

IT maintenance management costs are usually about 80 percent of the total IT budget. Maintenance management activities are often hidden in the line organisation structure, which makes it difficult to manage. By organising these activities using the pm3 model creates a lot of room for efficiency improvements and costs savings.  Research shows that  good IT governance can provide up to 20-40 per cent higher return on existing IT investments (Well and Ross, 2005).  The PENG analysis “To be able to assess implementation of commercial introduction of a management control model” showed that administrative costs were reduced by 10 percent in an organization after a pm3-implementation.

Maintenance activities which are targeted according to pm3 are cost-effective and provide high business value. Organising collaboration in a businesslike maintenance organisation ensures a balance between stability and change. This in turn ensures that the business organisation gets the support it needs and that the organisation as a whole gets more out of its investments.

Avoid typical maintenance management problems
By using the pm3 you avoid the typical maintenance management problems and can instead create governability and control over maintenance management operations:

  • Further collaboration between business related and IT related parties
  • Create order and structure
  • Create a structured and common way of working

Focus on increased business value
Since the maintenance management is organised according to the activities to be supported, focus is shifted from technology and suppliers to increased business value.

  • Investments get the intended effect
    Maintenance is managed according to the needs of the business

Effects in the entire organisation
By setting up a structure of objectives and managing the maintenance portfolio by objectives, it becomes easier to see how maintenance management contributes to the organisation’s development.

  • Enable prioritising between the maintenance portfolio and the development portfolio
  • Enable Lean way of working

Transparency and traceability
The pm3 model makes visible maintenance management work and creates transparency. This brings out the costs of maintenance management so they can be prioritised.

  • Connect strategy with operational objectives
  • Streamline your resource utilisation

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