Education in pm3 and maintenance management

When you attend a pm3 education at På AB, we will help you and your organisation to get a unified picture of why a cooperation structure according to pm3 is needed, to find out how the pm3 model helps you reach your goals, and how you as an individual or as a group can use the pm3 model in the best way.

We offer courses for all roles in the maintenance management organisation. The courses will provide you and your organisation with the knowledge, insight, and tools to get the most benefit from your pm3 implementation.

Our instructors have extensive experience of pm3 in practice, and they are committed to providing good examples of the model in a context that is relevant for you, and which corresponds to your expectations to further your knowledge of pm3.

Our training methodology is based on a combination of theory and practical group work with a lot of discussions. The goal of our courses is to create a commitment that lasts long after the last session at the pm3 course!

In addition to the courses below, we offer courses tailored to suit your current needs , and that help  you take the next step forward.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance on the choice of pm3 courses!

Courses at Dataföreningen and Informator are available only in Swedish. Company-specific courses are available in English.

pm3 courses supplied by Dataföreningen Kompetens:

pm3 grund
Certifierad förvaltningsledare
Portföljstyrning med pm3
Pm3 & agila metoder
Pm3 och ITIL i samspel

In independent evaluations, these courses have reached an average mark of 4.5 to 5.0, with5 being the highest mark possible.

pm3 courses supplied by Informator:
Pm3 och agila metoder
Pm3 och ITIL i samspel

Course Sheet for company-specific pm3 courses:
If you are a number of colleagues who want to take a pm3 course, we can offer all courses specifically adjusted for your company. Please see below and contact us for further guidance on courses.

Company-specific courses

Förvaltningsledning med pm3

6 dagar

pm3 grund

2 dagar

pm3 grundkurs för förvaltningsledare

2 + 1 dagar

pm3 inspiration

2 dagar

pm3 och agila metoder

2 dagar

pm3 och ITIL i samspel

2 dagar

pm3 orientering

1 dag

pm3 styrgruppsutbildning


Portföljstyrning med pm3

2 dagar

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