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Looking for a course for business solution managers or a course that explains the basics of pm3? Or do you seek to understand how to harmonize pm3 with overall governance? We will help you get the unified picture of why a structure for collaboration is essential, how pm3 will help when achieving your objectives and how to maximize the benefits from the model. In addition to our general pm3 trainings we provide courses where pm3 is put in the context of e.g. agile methodologies and ITIL.

Our trainers have solid experiences on how pm3 and other models and frameworks work well together. They engage to explain the modell in a context relevant for you and the level of knowledge that you seek. Our methodology for training is based on theory mixed with useful group exercises and a good portion of dialogue. The goal is to influent a commitment that lasts long after the course coffee is finished!

Trainings in maintenance management and portfolio governance

Open pm3 trainings provided by Dataföreningen Kompetens:

pm3 basics
Certified business solution manager
Agile portfolio governance with pm3
pm3 and agile methodologies/ pm3 with agile methodologies
pm3 and ITIL/pm3 with ITIL?

These trainings have attained an average score of 4,5 – 5,0 out of 5.

Open pm3 trainings provided by Informator:

Maintenance management

pm3 trainings customized to your organization:

Want to take part in pm3 training as a group? We customize all our trainings so that they can be the stepping stone you need to take the next step. Read more in the course sheets (down) below.

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Courses customized to your organization

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“The best training I’ve ever had! Now I have the right tools and I’ve developed as a person as as well.”

“The useful and handy exercises brought up some thoughts about how things are today and what can be improved”