The people behind På AB and pm³

Every individual is valuable at På AB, both as a person and as an important part of the whole. Using our combined experience, our expertise and our complementary personalities, we work every day to help our customers in their evolvement, to build our company and to further our own development.

På AB is the only company that, for almost 20 years, has consistently and exclusively worked with the pm3 model as the foundation. We also carry out assignments in fields related to pm3, but we all have chosen to work at På AB on the premise to have a common denominator – “always a foot in pm3″. The “other feet” stand on different grounds, depending on previous experiences. We deliberately work on not staying in the same place, which means that we are constantly changing and evolving: as a group, individually, with the surrounding world, with our customers and with our model. Together we handle a number of different assignments: establishing the model, integrating pm3 with other management and IT governance, education, and manning roles as interim and/or coaching business solution managers and IT solution managers.

At På AB we work together and offer our customers all of the company’s competence in the context of a given assignment. Every year we invest in ten days for all employees, where we focus on development of competences, on business development, and on operational and model development.

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