About På AB

We are driven by a will to help our customers realize their strategies, achieve their objectives and increase business benefits – simply to get a little bit better each day!

We make complexity a bit easier

We are about 20 consultants with the shared passion to make it easier to for our customers to achieve success through the use of sustainable governance and collaboration. We will help you put governance in the right context as well as making useful applications. The delivery to your customer or citizen is always our primary focus. We always put great effort in exchanging knowledge and to collaborate. When hiring a consultant from På, you can feel safe in the fact that all of our knowledge will come to your benefit.

Our history in science and research as well as over 20 years of experience is what we take off in when developing ourselves to meet the needs of our customers. That’s why we can offer proven, qualitative and innovative services and products suited for stable as well as agile business governance and development – always with customer success as our first priority. We are certified in maintenance management, change management, project management, ITIL, agile methodologies and frameworks as well as establishment of pm3.

Our values

Customer success

Customer success is our primary driving force/priority. We believe in long-lasting solutions that stay stabile in times of change. We believe in strengthening the customers ability to become and stay successful. We take position and have a businesslike approach to create solutions our customers can appreciate.

All development starts with a question

When we ask the right questions and dare to listen and learn from experiences, we constantly evolve ourselves.

Development happens when we challenge ourselves, explore what’s new and use years of experiences in new contexts - That is our belief.

We help each other

At På we always help each other. Jointly, we take on all challenges and opportunities.

Not only it is fun working together, collaboration truly is the key to better results and better qulity. That is our belief.

One foot in pm3

We all have an understanding and knowledge of the pm3 model and we all relate to it where ever we work.

We put governance in the right context and make applications suited for the customer.

We cherish our history and carries our success into the future.

The På and pm3 story

Are you curious about why På was created and how our de facto standard came about? Follow us on our journey from system maintenance to todays’ focus on sustainable governance and collaboration.

På was created back in 1997 by Malin Nordström and Tommy Welander. They had conducted reasearch on, and carried changes through within, maintenace management organisations for many years. And the conclusion they came to was that lack of governance was profound in this specific area. Through customer assignments Malin could take theories into practice. Research joint with practice added a business like perspective on maintenance management which was unique. In 2006 pm3 was launched as a development of the concept Business Maintenance management. The first version was based on Malins doctoral thesis Controllable System maintenance. It was overwhelmingly recieved and soon became a de facto standard in Sweden.

Over the years På as well as pm3 have evolved to meet new changes in the market as well as customer needs. The company now consists over 30 consultants and a shift in focus from maintenance management to sustainable governance and collaboration in the broader perspective has been done. Read more about our services. Quite a lot has changed since 1997, but one thing remains the same: We are still convinced that collaboration is the most useful tool to achieve success!

Our future

All organisations are successful through the application of sustainable governance and collaboration – that is our vision.

Our mission is to continuously develop and improve together with and for our clients, and we have an explicit strategy of growth regarding our employees, partners, markets and offerings – all central components in our echo system of Sustainable governance and collaboration.

Through sustainable governance, we strengthen organisations’ ability to change and capability to address unexpected challenges with innovative thinking and revitalization, i e enable development while managing change – integrated stability and agility.

Want to become one of us?Read more about of our services