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We simplify governance – transforming your plans to daily progress.

Short about pm3

pm3 is a governance model originating from application management. Over time it has evolved into a framework for efficient governance of the intersection between IT and business operations.

Optimizing your business operations

Rather than focusing on application management and IT, pm3 enables efficient cross-functional governance, supporting your digital transition.  

Strenghtened bonds between business and IT

pm3 provides a solid structure for nourishing the cooperation between your business operations and IT.

Decisive execution of your strategies

With pm3 adding clarity, transparency and arenas for strong collaboration, your ability to achieve strategic objectives is supercharged.      

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We are more than thirty consultants, spending every day assisting our customers progress towards better governance.

Driven by creating long lasting impact, we explore the problems and opportunities in each project with an open, pragmatic mindset. Building on decades of experience, we simplify the complex - making impact that lasts.

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